¡RESUÉLVEME TECNÉTICO! | 2+ years on the air
¡RESUÉLVEME TECNÉTICO! | Over 1,200 questions answered
¡RESUÉLVEME TECNÉTICO! | The #1 Spanish-language technology radio show anywhere
¡RESUÉLVEME TECNÉTICO! | 2nd. most listened-to show in its timeslot on Puerto Rico AM radio according to Arbitron
TECNÉTICO ON TWITTER | started tweeting in 2006 (Twitter user #1,866)
TECNÉTICO ON FACEBOOK | In 2008 became one of the first brands to have a Facebook page, a year before the feature was released to the public
TECNÉTICO ON FACEBOOK | First to create a show on Facebook (”La Hora Facebook”)
TECNÉTICO ON RADIO | First to do a 1-hour remote broadcast via Skype on the world’s 5th radio station, WKAQ 580 AM