The final version of the original iPhone is being shown on Telemundo on 2007, just a few days after it was announced went online on June 22, 2002.

Ever since, we have published over 6,000 stories and dozens of exclusives!

Our editors have been on major national and international media for years

On Twitter since 2006 and one of the first media companies to have a Facebook page…in 2008!

Technology giants and industry event organizers around the world invite us as accredited press

CES in Las Vegas, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, CEDIA in Denver and a whole lot more!

Through social media, our radio show, TV segments, email, and the occasional phone call to our office…they are why we exist, and we owe it to them!

About is a group of valuable media properties on the internet, social networks, radio and television managed for over 10 years by a group of talented and experienced professionals who have been witnesses of the way technology continuously evolves. Tecnético stands for “TECnología e interNET fanátICO” (“TEChnology & interNET fanatIC(O)”). It had to be original. Nothing else would suffice. If you can say “Politico”, you can say Tecnético!

Our mission

Make technology easy to understand and useful for everyone that speaks Spanish wherever they may be on Earth and beyond, and do it with veracity, impartiality and in a responsible manner.

Our content

On our website you can find news, reports, articles, reviews, videos and many other types of content that are geared towards all types of audiences, but specially those who don’t know about technology. These get promoted on radio, television and social networks. We also produce radio, television and online video content on a weekly basis.

million weekly brand impressions

years online


unique users

audience breakdown
  • Men 52%
  • Women 48% – full page screenshotFor more than 10 years,  has been keeping and continues to keep everyone informed with the most important, up to date, relevant and useful news and information of the technology world. Click/tap here to learn more about marketing and advertising opportunities.

early innovators

An early adopter of Social Media and new technologies, Tecnético was one of the first media outlets to engage with audiences via Skype, Twitter and Facebook. Also, “El Podcast de” became the most-listened Spanish-language tech podcast in the world, according to iTunes.


We have been vetted by the most important tech companies in the world and have been invited to major technology events. For many years, we were the only Spanish speaking news outlet invited to participate and cover them.

From Verizon Wireless, Apple and Samsung to Microsoft, T-Mobile, Amazon and AT&T, these are just a sample of companies that have given Tecnético priority access to information that, in some cases, have led to the publishing of exclusive stories.

As a testament of both its importance in the tech news media world and its pursue of interviewing newsmakers, Tecnético has published interviews with people that matter in the industry, including Consumer Electronics Association’s president Gary Shapiro, Rodrigo Gómez of Apple, top executives from AT&T, Sprint and more.


Each year, we travel all around the world to cover the most important tech events of the industry: CES and CTIA in Las Vegas, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, tech company events and technology showcases in Los Angeles, New York, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Amsterdam and many more.

Our founder and Editor-In-Chief, Wilton Vargas and many others in our organization contribute to major media outlets: CNN En Español’s “Café CNN”,, Univision Puerto Rico’s “Las Noticias”, WAPA América‘s “Noticentro”, Telemundo‘s “Telenoticias”  and many other news and entertainment TV shows.

Furthermore, Wilton hosts a tech segment on Univision Radio’s New York AM station WADO 1280 driving time show, “El Palo De La Tarde con Coco Cabrera”. New York is the top Hispanic radio market in the country.

we ♥ social

Tecnético is a social media pioneer. We have been on Twitter since 2006 and Facebook since 2008 (as a business page), gathering a solid, organic following that keeps on growing thanks to great content and tried-and-true interaction strategies with our followers. Check out our properties on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

a solid media foundation was actually born on radio. Quickly, it also started to appear on TV and ever since hasn’t looked back. Additionally, Tecnético has its own 1-hour radio show on Univision Radio.

On air since September 2012 and broadcasted live, it was recently moved from Sundays at 2 p.m. to a stellar, prime-time slot: Tuesdays at 9 p.m. With sponsors such as AT&T, SonyJetBlue and Klipsch, “¡Resuélveme Tecnético!” has become the most listened to tech radio show in Puerto Rico and the second most listened-to station in its time slot, a testament of the show’s appeal and acceptance. Click/tap here to learn more about “¡Resuélveme Tecnético!””.

redesign coming soon will soon undergo a complete visual and user interface (UX) redesign that will provide an excellent “any device” experience.

related projects

As extensions of the Tecnético brand, these projects are fully integrated into everything we do.

Click/tap here or keep scrolling down for more about

About our slogan

Inspired by a t-shirt wore by international music superstar Juanes that read “Aquí se habla español” (“Here we speak Spanish“), our founder saw how it could be adapted to our mission. Thus, our slogan “Aquí se habla tecnología…¡en español!” (“Here we speak technology…in Spanish!“) was born. It conveys everything we are about in a simple, easy to understand statement.

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Any brand can benefit immensely by associating with cutting edge, advanced technology. It means its current, and wants to be known by a diverse demographic with the means to buy, whether by impulse or by necessity. That’s the kind of audience that wants to know about what happens at technology’s most renowned events around the world.

Each year we travel both home and abroad to bring the kind of content that can only be produced by actually being at these events. Content that this audience is highly interested in.. Event sponsorship coverage

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Advertorial (“organic”) sponsored content is proven to bring results. We can work with you to publish advertorial content that will become part of our content. This means it will always be accessible through search or other content discovery mechanisms.

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We are 33.1k strong on Facebook, all organic followers (we don’t buy them!). This presents a unique opportunity to reach them via a custom-produced profile graphic, advertorials or sponsoring our 1-hour show on Facebook. Learn moreHere, the client specifically requested a minimalist approach towards branding our Facebook profile graphic of our Mobile World Congress coverage.

Video & live streaming

Exploding in popularity, video is the audience’s newest go-to medium for information. That’s why whenever we cover an event or topic that is of high interest, an opportunity  opens for brands to be the first thing they see when they click or touch on play. We turn off all other in-video advertising units so that the only one going for the audience’s attention is our sponsor’s. And since it’s “baked-in” (edited as part of the video itself), it’s always working for you.

Intel demuestra lo que próximamente una cámara podrá hacer por ti
Mira cómo es posible tener sonido en toda tu casa sin un sólo cable
Tecnetico CEDIA: ¿A qué vamos pa' Denver?
Tecnético CTIA: en ruta a Las Vegas, primera parada
Gear Fit de Samsung: un dispositivo para ayudar a que manejes tu salud con lo último en tecnología

Live streaming is an art we have perfected. Is something we have been doing since 2007 and the experience shows not only on what you see on the air, but also in the equipment we use.

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We have put together a fully mobile HD-capable television studio, complete with three HD cameras, a software switching system with transition effects, multi-channel video playback, full Skype/Google Hangouts/Oovoo integration, portable and stationary LED lighting and lapel, headset-style and handheld microphones.

What the industry says

Over 10 years ago, started what Sony considers today an exemplary job, not only in their writing, but also on their particular style of presenting the information. We have found that this helps consumers obtain the information they need and the answers they are looking for.

Vivian I. Sánchez

Spokeswoman, Sony Puerto Rico, Inc.

For Motorola, the support of tech blogs such as Tecnético is considered a valuable contribution to our efforts to further the brand, not only in Puerto Rico but globally as well. We acknowledge that Wilton Vargas was a blogs and social media pioneer in Puerto Rico. Today, the team at is well known not only for the excellent and passionate coverage of technology, but also for the thoughtfulness of their work.

Ariel Pérez

External Communications, Motorola Mobility, Inc.

As a retailer that offers its customers a large variety of technology products, we recognize the importance of this industry and its constant growth. is an excellent resource that, as media, provides knowledgeable, authoritative information to its readers about new products, its benefits and uses in an efficient manner.

Bruni Torres

Corporate Affairs Manager, WalMart

They have created a group of loyal followers that make possible a fluid, natural interaction between them and those who are eager to know more. Additionally, through they have established a valued, direct relationship with the subject of their reports.

Giselle Chollett

Spokesperson, Sprint

Did you know?

So much has happened during the more than 10 years we've been online!

Number of published articles, including dozens of exclusives

combined years of experience of our editorial and production staff

A world's first! was the first media outlet in any language to be allowed to enter Microsoft’s only wholly-owned manufacturing facility.

We've got credentials

Tecnético is a fully accredited media outlet, recognized by hundreds of companies and organizations as such. This is a sign of strength, trust and credibility.

year we started travelling around the world to attend tech events

year we did our first live video stream

The team at

Wilton Vargas

Wilton Vargas

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

An internationally-known media personality with over 25 years of experience in consumer electronics technology and related fields. Wilton is an honoree of JCI’s Top Outstanding Young People (TOYP) award.

Neyra Álvarez

Neyra Álvarez


A young, promising talent, she brings enthusiasm and a special spark to what we do. Her amazing ability to communicate helps our audience feel right at home when discussing hard-to-understand technology topics.



Several Positions

We are looking for talented, inspired and hard-working people to help us execute our mission and take our vision to the next level. Check out the opportunities we have for you to join us!

Nadesha Karina González

Nadesha Karina González

Senior Reporter

A well-known and respected journalist, Nadesha brings to and Spanish-language tech journalism a unique voice. She has worked for major news organizations in Orlando, FL and Puerto Rico.

José Izquierdo

José Izquierdo

Producer, Editor-at-Large

When he’s not hosting one of our shows, José works as our ad-hoc graphic designer. He has worked for Apple, CompUSA and totally knows how to navigate his way around phones, computers and many of the devices Apple makes.

James Lynn

James Lynn

Production Assistant

James brings experience in video/photography production, social media and graphic design. James is also a professor at Turabo University and serves on the Advisory Committee of Puerto Rico Bloggercon.

José Vélez

José Vélez

Video Production Technical Director

This man knows the ins and outs of video production. As one of the few operators of the famous Steadycam system for cameras, José makes sure our videos are up to standards not only by his steady hand while behind the camera, but also during the post-production phase. His work experience include Telemundo, TeleOnce (now Univisión), and WAPA Televisión.

Roberto Flores

Roberto Flores

Senior Editor, Mobile

Has an amazing knack for exploring every function, nook and crevice of today’s smartphones, tablets and whatever mobile devices the industry comes up with, producing enticing review pieces for

Erika Martínez Lee

Erika Martínez Lee

Field Producer

She may be young, but she’s got years of experience working for Puerto Rico’s top newscasts on both Univisión and WAPA Televisión. As a video field producer, Erika’s in charge of making sure’s vision is executed both in-house and while on assignment, as seen on a recent video about what’s new on Apple’s latest version of its operating system for mobiles.

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Founded in 2002 by enthusiasts of technology and internet with a combined experience of more than 30 years.

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