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Tecnético @ Facebook full page screenshotWith over 33,000 organic fans (we don’t buy our following), Tecnético has a solid presence on arguably the most important social network on the web.

Online since 2008, our Facebook page has been an integral part of not only how we connect with our audience, but also on the many marketing campaigns that companies such as AT&T, Motorola, Klipsch and others have done with us.

Of those 33,000 plus followers, 43% are women, a very sought-after demographic.

a great opportunity for brands

As part of the many types of content we bring to our audience, several times during the year we feature a high-profile special event that we believe is of extreme interest to our audience.

Examples of this are the release of a new device, a big technology event takes place, and similar happenings.

When any of these happen, we integrate our Facebook presence as part of what we offer brands as sponsorship packages.

This means that we “wallpaper” or rebrand our Facebook page with artwork that references the special event that is happening and includes the logo and any other appropriate material of sponsors.

It’s another touch point that we cover so that brands that work with us can benefit. For us, this additional exposure adds value to our offerings and helps brands maximize their investment.

Brands who have taken advantage of these opportunities are AT&T, Excel Electronics, Sprint, Microsoft & T-Mobile.

Here are some examples of Facebook rebrands we have done over the years. Click on the image to see the detail.

related projects

As extensions of the Tecnético brand, these projects are fully integrated into everything we do.




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The people who like us on Facebook

These likes are from real human beings (also called “organic”), and quite a few brands too. We don’t buy our audience. Never have. Never will.

Isn’t it time you also liked us and join the 55032 who already do?

Advertising, marketing and organic content opportunities

Profile graphic sponsorship

Let us host your your brand’s message. You set for how long, we make sure it’s seen!

Organic content

Advertorial (“organic”) content is proven to bring results. We can work with you to publish advertorial content that will become part of our content permanently. This means it will always be accessible through search or other content discovery mechanisms.

Show sponsorship

Become a sponsor of “La Hora Facebook de Tecnético”. Great engagement opportunity. Let your brand and/or product be known by our followers!

25,000 likes on Facebook video

On March 27, 2014, while covering Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we got the news that our Facebook page had reached 25,000 organic likes. That had to be celebrated with a video right from Barcelona!



Did you know?

Tecnético was one of the first media companies in the world to have a “Facebook page”. This feature was officially rolled out by Facebook in May 2009, yet Tecnético established its Facebook Page on May 19, 2008


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