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most listened AM radio station in its time slot

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Simultaneous audio/video broadcast

Our show is broadcasted simultaneously on radio (Univisión Radio WKAQ 580 AM in Puerto Rico), online via Univision Radio’s Uforia (and many other online radio platforms) and on video via Watch or listen…is your choice!

Audience breakdown by gender
  • Male 57% 57%
  • Female 43% 43%

“¡Resuélveme Tecnético!” Radio Show

Restec logo title only size 2To solve live, right on the air, people’s everyday problems with the technology in their lives. That’s the simple mission of “¡Resúelveme Tecnético!” (“Help me Tecnético!” or “Solve this for me Tecnético!“), a weekly live one-hour radio show.

It’s a radio show whose name is a call to action. It’s what the audience wants us to do for them, and we’re eager to answer the call.

On air since September 2012 and broadcasted live, it was recently moved from Sundays at 2 p.m. to a stellar, prime-time slot: Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Shows sponsors include AT&T, JetBlue, Klipsch, Panamax and Sony thanks to solid ratings, helping the station maintain its lead over its competitors.

We produce the show at Univisión Radio superb studios in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico and it is broadcasted live on the web at and also on our YouTube channel. On terrestrial radio, the show can be heard on Univisión Radio’s WKAQ 580 AM, the most listened-to radio station in Puerto Rico, even more so than FM stations. Yes, an AM station!

here’s how we do it

Led by our Editor in chief Wilton Vargas and assisted by the staff of, the show draws from’s staff 30+ years of experience in the consumer technology field. Combined with the continuous exposure to new technology thanks to its direct relationship with, the answers com just as quickly as the audience’s questions.


The show starts with a news update, followed by the first call of the evening. People can ask questions by calling the station’s numbers or sending them in via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ using the #Resuelve hashtag. Another way for questions to make it to the show is via email at [email protected].

In its over two years on the air “¡Resuélveme Tecnético!” has become the most listened to tech radio show in Puerto Rico and the second most listened-to station in its time slot, a testament of the show’s appeal and acceptance. Over 1,400 questions have been answered during this period!

we ♥ social

Tecnético is a social media pioneer (we just can’t get tired of saying it!). That’s why through the #resuelve hashtag, social networks are an integral part of the show rather than afterthought.

We have been on Twitter and Facebook since 2006, amassing a solid, organic following that keeps on growing thanks to great content and tried-and-true interaction strategies with our followers. Check out our properties on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

How are we doing on Puerto Rico’s airtime?

This is Arbitron’s latest audience report for the Puerto Rico territory, Tuesdays from 9PM to 10PM (our timeslot) and a demographic sample of persons 18+.

Wait…who’s first? Politics programming. Hmm. Tough topic, ingrained into society’s conciousness for ions. But as you can see, with just 2+ years on the air, we are very very close from dethroning the oh so tired topic. Given time, we’ll surely beat it to become the most listened radio show on AM radio!

Nonetheless, once you look at this chart we are sure you agree that we are rocking it!

Chart by Visualizer

related projects

As extensions of the Tecnético brand, these projects are fully integrated into everything we do.

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Take a look behind the scenes of ''¡Resuélveme Tecnético!''

Advertising, marketing and sponsored content opportunities

Learn all the ways we can help you reach an engaged audience willing to listen to your message and to buy your product and services.

Live Holiday remote broadcasts

Live Holiday remote broadcasts

On-location radio broadcasts are a tried-and-true way to bring traffic to the store and create awareness.

A broadcast from your location is like a extensive, 1-hour commercial. We will constantly mention the location we’re in and schedule two interviews, one ever half-hour, where we can mention in detail business location and details plus deals and offers being offered.

This opportunity is perfect during Holidays (Black Friday, Christmas, Three Kings Day) and special periods during the year such as Back-to-School, Mother’s Day, Dads-and-Grads, etc.

Live mentions & premium live mentions

Live mentions & premium live mentions

Wilton doing mentions at ResTec Better than radio spots, live mentions allow the announcer to smoothly present to the audience your product or service in 1-minute segments.

It’s great for when you want to maintain consistency on your message. Just have your agency supply us with the copy and you’ll be on the air in no time.

Go beyond the common mention!

Premium live mentions go further.

Instead of reading a script, the announcer will use his/her own experiences to hit previously scripted bullet points that highlight specific attributes of your product or service. They start as stories, grabbing the audience’s attention, and extend well beyond a minute.

Check out some examples.


Segment sponsorship

Segment sponsorship

¿Do you want to reach a very specific segment of our audience? We’ve got you covered!

Our show consists of segments that can be sponsored individually, giving you absolute control on whom your message is delivered to. Sponsorship of these 3-minute (unless stated otherwise) segments includes opening/closing, logo on the show’s website plus posts tagged with your product/service on all our social media accounts.

Some of the segments available for sponsorship are:

Appsolutamente Fantásticos | In this 5-minute segment the newest apps for both mobile and tablet computers are showcased.

Sample segment, sponsored by T-Mobile


Los Likes de Tecnético | We share with our audience the things online that we like such as websites, online services and more.
Destino Tecnético | Future advances in technology in fields such as medicine, transportation and more are presented so that our audience can stay in sync with what’s going on in the tech world.

Show sponsorship

Show sponsorship

Sponsoring the #1 Spanish-language technology show is the absolutely right thing to do.

We offer you category exclusivity, opening and closing both on the show and on social media, all show advertising, both online, on social media and on radio spots will include logo/mention. Plus, your logo is also included on the show’s page at

Check out these samples of what’s included with a full show sponsorship.

Facebook updates with presenter tag

Google+ updates with presenter tag


Twitter updates with presenter tag


What the audience says about our show

Via Twitter

Jonathan Luchetti via [email protected]

“…me encanta su programa, felicidades. ¡Es todo un éxito!”

Genette Irizarry via [email protected]

“siempre escucho su programa y he aprendido mucho”

Via Facebook from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The team at “¡Resuélveme Tecnético!”

Wilton Vargas

Wilton Vargas

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

An internationally-known tech personality with over 25 years of experience in consumer electronics and related fields. Wilton is an honoree of Junior Chamber International’s Top Outstanding Young People (TOYP) award.

James Lynn

James Lynn

Production Assistant

James brings experience in video/photography production, social media and graphic design. James is also a professor at Turabo University and belongs to the advisory committee of Puerto Rico Bloggercon.


Neyra Álvarez

Neyra Álvarez


A young, promising talent, she brings enthusiasm and a special spark to what we do. Her amazing ability to communicate helps our audience feel right at home when discussing hard-to-understand technology topics.

Roberto Flores

Roberto Flores

Senior Editor, Mobile

Has an amazing knack for exploring every function, nook and crevice of today’s smartphones, tablets and whatever mobile devices the industry comes up with, producing enticing review pieces for
José Izquierdo

José Izquierdo

Producer, Editor-at-Large

When he’s not hosting one of our shows, José works as our ad-hoc graphic designer. He has worked for Apple, CompUSA and totally know how to navigate his way around phones, computers and many of the devices Apple makes.

Erika Martínez Lee

Erika Martínez Lee

Field Producer

She may be young, but she’s got years of experience working for Puerto Rico’s top newscasts on both Univisión and WAPA Televisión. As a video field producer, Erika’s in charge of making sure’s vision is executed both in-house and while on assignment, as seen on a recent video about what’s new on Apple’s latest version of its operating system for mobiles.

More behind-the-scenes at “¡Resúelveme Tecnético!”

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