An easier way to create internet content for your clients is finally here

No more will you need to set aside costly office space, increase your head count in order to have trained personnel and budget to buy and maintain equipment in order to produce internet content for your clients.


Webneticos Internet Studios, with its three studios and a open-work area, is the first production space in its kind that makes it easy and on budget to create internet events (livestreams, podcasts, recorded video, etc.) for your customers.

A studio specifically designed for audio

Have your client’s internet presence go boldly where it has never gone before. Audio, and podcasts specifically, is the fastest-growing media format on the internet today.

Our Studio B has specifically been designed for producing audio, whether is recorded or live, and if you want, we can livestream the session on video to any and all video platforms.

  • Produce a podcast to inform customers of new trends, products and services
  • Stream an audio-only Facebook Live session
  • conduct interviews and more

Two studios for video

The space and technical resources to create whatever video your client needs, live or recorded, big or small, to dazzle the internet


  • launch a new product
  • have Q&A with fans/customers
  • hold special events and livestream them to Facebook

Strong on the tech

If your client’s content is meant to go online, we can do it here!

Just tell us if you want to live stream it or record it. We are ready.

Room to prepare, room to polish

Before or after the production of your content, you can choose any of our available desks to either do some pre-production, sit down with client to go over the proceedings, or post to the web or social media after the fact.

You can use these desks free for as long as you need*!

*Subject to availability 

Extras that don’t cost extra

Getting to the studios is easy, parking is free and so much more is to make your life (and your client’s!) easier.


  • Flexible studio hours
  • Uninterrupted power
  • Ultra-fast internet access
  • Tech support and more!

Unleash your creativity

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Visit us!

120 Carazo St. Suite 6 Guaynabo, PR 00969-5717 USA

Visit Us!

120 Carazo St.
Suite 6
Guaynabo, PR 00969-5717

Parking located behind building